The Modern-Day Outlook on an Online Event Ticketing System

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5 min readSep 7, 2022

The meaning of an online event ticketing system is explained properly. The advantages and disadvantages of using one are analyzed. A top-down view of everything.

It’s common knowledge among event organizers that pulling off a good event requires plenty of effort. Among the most demanding professions in Bangladesh is event planning. Hence, in the case of an event ticketing system in Bangladesh two companies stand out, CW Ticketing System, and HR Soft BD.

It’s a no-brainer to use the available resources to simplify the event management process. You will need the best event ticketing software available.

The sale of tickets to attendees is a crucial part of preparing for any public event. Using an online event ticketing system can help you sell more tickets by spreading the word. It reduces registration and payment barriers and streamlines the purchasing process.

Simply put, an event ticketing system comprises of tools that facilitate the sale of tickets to events using the Internet. They’re a godsend for anybody in charge of an event with ticket sales. They simplify the process and provide a wide range of essential resources in one convenient location.

There’s no need to worry if you’re not tech knowledgeable. This is because anyone can set up a ticketing system and start enjoying the rewards. You may sell several sorts of tickets (general admission, VIP, etc.) and then determine the pricing and payment methods for each.

You can also track sales in real-time, and much more with the help of ticketing software that you can set up just for your event. Ticketing software may be very helpful for event organizers who are preparing a fundraising event.

There is much to discuss regarding the concept of an event management system. Its pros and cons will be weighed, so let’s move on.

Advantages of Event Ticket Booking Systems


The ability to promote your event to a wider audience through channels like social media and email is a major perk. It can utilize an online event ticketing system and will help you sell more tickets.

When clients buy tickets online, they may easily post that information on their social media profiles. It will further promote your event and draw in more attendees. You may increase ticket sales by distributing promo codes to friends and followers via email and social media.

Faster Registration & Check-In Online ticketing systems streamline event registration & check-in, saving you and your attendees precious time. This eliminates the need to wait in line for check-in and allows for a more simplified process including the scanning of a QR code or barcode with the system’s accompanying app.

The online event ticketing system integrates with the portal and the check-in app to make onsite sales easier. It also features a seating chart option where customers can choose and book seats in advance.

Care for Clients

Having access to customer support is an invaluable resource as you learn to use a new platform. Thus, an online event ticketing system must provide just that. Ticket buyers can get help from customer care reps. It can be through chat, phone, or even in person at some events.

Make use of the available ticketing resources and expand your knowledge in the process.

Drawbacks of Event Ticketing Systems


The fact that an online event ticketing system costs money is the most significant negative. Platform fees often consist of a set rate per ticket in addition to a share of the total price.

For some businesses, charging more is a necessity due to their outdated infrastructure. However, it may not even guarantee a superior platform. Hence, there are risks involved in creating the best event ticketing software.

Most ticket purchasers today anticipate paying a service charge. An event ticketing system is definitely something to factor into your budget. This is vital because most people want to quickly get the best deals and not wait. Creating a site like that is costly.

The financial model and costs of each ticketing site are unique, therefore comparing them is essential before making a final decision.

Our Personal Choice — CW Ticketing System

Developed by Codeware Ltd, CW Ticket System is a renowned online event ticketing system app.

Without the proper resources, managing event tickets may be an overwhelming prospect. Thankfully, this company’s event ticketing system is here to help ease some of that pressure. They offer vital ticketing services that will ensure anyone is a great host and guarantee unforgettable events.

The adaptability of CW allows it to accommodate a wide variety of situations. You can try to create an ideal gathering with the help of this event ticketing system in Bangladesh.

There are a number of channels available to help boost ticket sales, including an online ticket marketplace and an Android app for checking in and purchasing tickets. There is also an Admin Panel to use. All aspects of selling tickets, including pricing, inventory, and remote access, may be managed from this central location.

Interested to know about many tickets are possible per space accommodation? Well, you’ll be glad to know that CW is able to provide services for galleries and dining halls of all sizes.


As an entrepreneur, developing the ideal online event ticketing system can be tough. On the other hand, as a consumer, you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Hence, choose wisely.

Availing a service from an event ticketing system allows people to make a contrast and choose the best provider. As a creator, the website or platform must be top-notch in order to meet consumer demands.

Imagine an entire arena filled with fans to watch a football or cricket game. What’s the first thing that goes through your mind? Personally, it’s puzzling how a large group of experts is able to manage tickets for thousands of fans. Well, with a little help from technology, anything is truly possible.

Hence, the bottom line is. This article should provide insight into grasping an online ticketing system’s importance. Hope it was helpful!



CW Ticketing System

CW ticketing system is an online ticket booking system to manage ticket booking process for bus, train, taxi, cable car, etc.